Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Cuddly Baby Makes Two Smitten Parents :)

We are so lucky to have a baby that tolerates the constant cuddles Ron and I feel the need to give. From day one, this baby has basically been held the entire time (slightly exaggerated....slightly) and we wouldn't have it any other way! There is nothing I love more than waking up to my smiling (or crying, if she's acting extra sweet) baby at 4 am, scooping her up, and kissing those usoft, rosy cheeks....for way longer than necessary :) How did I get this lucky?! Ron and I know we are SO blessed by our real-life teddy bear snuggle bunny that most of you know as Harlow!

As Harlow gets older and more interactive, her daddy is falling more and more in love every day. But I think yesterday was when he realized he's fallen hook line and sinker for this little one. We got home from the beach in the evening and Harlow started to get fussy. I was busy cooking dinner so I asked my sweet hubby to go pick her up. He was changing his clothes and took a few minutes. Harlow got fussier and fussier until she was in an all out scream-fest. I went over to grab her right as Ron came in and told me he would hold her for me and try to calm her down. She immediately stopped crying and snuggled up in her daddy's neck. She just wanted her daddy. In that moment, she was just fine, perfectly content, happy as a clam.....and Ron, well let's just say he's in trouble :) I took this photo that night, too precious not to share :)

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  1. Loved that sweet story! He's her first love, that's for sure :) And that picture is BEAUTIFUL. And I'm now a puddle. ;)